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Welcome to GetWiki, a Wiki for the Humanities, Sciences, and “Meta” topics, from Metaphysics to Metadata, running the easy-to-use GetWiki software.

The website, first known as “GetMeta”, was launched in April 2004 as a testing platform for Wikinfo, which at that time ran GetWiki 1.0 software. served as both a software demo for the GetWiki codebase, as well as a Philosophy-based wiki in its own right, “forking” philosophical articles from The Pseudopedia and Wikinfo at the time. GetWiki uses an open editorial policy, and imports articles via XML from Pseudopedia, as it did originally (and rather famously, in the WikiWorld) starting in 2004. Where you see green links here instead of blue internal links or red external links, the site can be extended by importing the green-linked article. The site focuses on verifiable information on intellectual issues, technology, and interaction, a document collaboration platform, discussion forum, and features unique applications.

GetWiki is both software and concept: An open-source, feature-rich, secure, standards-based Wiki/Weblog for “getting” content onto your website, and a collection of diverse subjects related to Philosophy and the Humanities, Logic, Science, Technology, Interactive Programming, Intellectual Property, and others. Quality is more important here than merely the number of articles. InterWiki Theory in general was a strong influence on GetWiki’s development early on, which pioneered many of the same features deployed on the site today, such as XML import of individual articles, with XHTML and CSS document and accessibility standards, as well as developments from “Plug”, the related software developed for Today, GetWiki and Plug are merged into a more mature, and admittedly more privately controlled GetWiki 3.x or 4.x codebase, which continues to evolve. The same code also serves the and websites in a multi-device responsive “masonry” design.