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Eastern Philosophy is a diverse body of approaches to life and philosophizing, particularly centered on understanding the process of the Universe and the endless "becoming". ...

What is Philosophy? ...


''Middle East Region, (Middle East) Middle Eastern Philosophy is largely guided by the Abrahamic Religions, ancient theologies, comprising full world-views and their philosophical and historical interpretations and philosophizing up to the... ...

Western Philosophy is a line of related philosophical thinking, beginning in Ancient Greece, and including the predominant philosophical thinking of Europe and its former colonies up to the present day. The concept of philosophy itself... ...

African Philosophy is a disputed term used in different ways by different philosophers. ...

PseudoPhilosophy is any idea or system that masquerades itself as Philosophy while significantly failing to meet some suitable intellectual standards. The term is frequently pejorative, and most applications of it are quite contentious. The term bears the same relationship to Philosophy that PseudoScience bears to Science, or Anti-Matter to Matter. The term is often... ...

The Renaissance as a movement and Philosophy is described as the reaching back for classical models in Medieval Europe, the search for naturalism over stylism in Art, the reemergence of Mathematics as intimately related to... ...

Modern philosophy is Philosophy done during the "modern" era of Europe and North America. ...

Near the turn of the 20th century, and certainly thereafter, Philosophy literally exploded in several challenging directions of inquiry. ...

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