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John Locke (29 Aug 1632 - 28 Oct 1704) was an English physician and philosopher and a key Enlightenment influence. After Francis Bacon and Thomas Hobbes, Locke developed Empiricism as a strong response to Cartesian Dualism and Rationalism, and a new Contract Theory in response to the...


David Hume (7 May 1711 - 25 Aug 1776) was a Scottish _philosopher, a key essayist in the Enlightenment, and most known for his subtle argument against “causality” using “induction”. Hume’s six-volume History of England (1754 - 1762) was very popular well into the nineteenth century. Influenced by the “empiricism” of John Locke, the “material idealism” of George...

Philosophical Studies

Epistemology is the branch of Philosophy dealing with the nature, origin and scope of Knowledge, and Method in obtaining Knowledge. Some consensus exists as to which epistemological methods give human beings the most accurate understanding of the truth (rather than...


Timeless is a word which describes being (or “Being”) without beginning or end, an eternal or everlasting quality,or being restricted to no particular time. It is the timeless beauty of great creativity, independent of time. Timeless in Work- Timeless (M.R.M. Parrott), novel trilogy by M.R.M. Parrott Timeless (Doctor Who)|Timeless (Doctor...


meta is: about, regarding, even other. metadata is disussion about data, metaphysics discussion about physics, metatheory discussion about theory. this , meta, is a prefix which can be used in a thousand ways on a thousand subjects. it is metamorphosis, metamemory, metacognition, metaethics, metalogic, metamathematics,...

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