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With GetWiki, you can use custom images, thumbnails and thumbnails with caption links to enhance your articles. ...

Web of WikiWebs - GetWiki uses custom external links to remote sites you can use, as well as links in the form of (Community:GetWiki), instead of pasting the entire url into your text. ...

Message Functions - In GetWiki, to create a new custom message, simply create a page in the GetWiki or "SupportB" namespaces (which is SOHOdb here, as we do not use "MediaWiki"), named "GetWiki:Message" or "SOHOdb:Message", which contains the text of the message. ...

Help! - GetWiki is a Bloki application, a general discussion forum, and a "metawiki" for philosophical and technical issues. ...

In Mathematics, a set of symbols is frequently used in mathematical expressions. As mathematicians are familiar with these symbols, they are not explained each time they are used. ...

Background - GetWiki allows TeX markup for mathematics and logic formulas. ...

import license notices - As you'll see, I've used the boilerplate added to the bottom of imported pages (using Ontology as an example) as such: notices- some content may have been adapted from the Pseudopedia article, "Ontolo gy" under the GNU Free Documentation License or notices- some content may have been adapted from the... ...

XHTML Symbols - Below is a quick reference for Logic and Mathematics symbols in XHTML which work on all modern browsers These are intended for logical and mathematical articles, or any page requiring special characters not found in the "edit bar" Feel free to copy-and-paste (ctrl/cmd-c, ctrl/cmd-v) symbols Logic: ¬ ∧ ∨ ...