Timeless (M.R.M. Parrott)

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edit classify history index Timeless (M.R.M. Parrott)
Timeless is a of action-adventure by M.R.M. Parrott, combining science fiction, Time travel, intrigue, political theory and History, with stories of love and discovery. Timeless: A Novel Trilogy is being published as a set, with Books I, II and III available from Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, and in PDF from the publisher, rimric press.

about the covers: A digital triptych, the “prism covers” are photographs of defocused reflections in a series of tiny mirrors, and are colour-balanced for each of the books of the trilogy. They refer to general colours (red, green, blue) and to lower, middle, and upper chakras (body, heart, mind), among other overall themes in each book.

Timeless: Book I

Timeless: Book I

Book I: A novel about self-image, love and duty, which conflict for Milona during military missions to her distant past.

ISBN 0-9746106-1-5
October 2003, 279 pages

United Nations scientists have discovered a strange distortion field approaching Earth, and they suspect time travel itself is to blame. UN Command develops two courses of action: Travel to the past and execute the supposed originator of their time machine, and engineer a shield, deployed directly to the field at the edge of the solar system. When the scientists have trouble constructing the shield, extra pressure is put on the execution plan.

Major Milona Devon, of the UN Reconnaissance Special Force team already trained in temporal missions, is ordered to visit the distant past and investigate Professor Peter Nexin. Because of interim decades of depressions and terrorism which destroyed most public records, Milona must determine that Peter Nexin is indeed the originator of their time machine, and if necessary, execute him. Milona’s problem is that she begins to fall in love with Peter, whose simple life seems more authentic to her than her own. She risks failing her mission and the world, wondering where, or when, she belongs, also questioning the ethics involved, which seem at odds with the accomplishments of her time. How can she remove an innocent person, even to spare billions of others?

Once resigned to her duty and the completion of her mission, Milona returns to the present to find the field has been unaffected, but also that she never existed. No one knows about Milona or her operation, and further, the scientists have now perfected their solution, to be deployed right away. In resolving her dilemma, Milona must convince her commanders to trust her and allow her to return to the past to prevent a murder. By correcting the past and leaving the rest to her superiors, Milona begins a whole new future.

(the backstory): A novel of action and suspense, the story about Major Milona Devon and her mission to investigate the past was first a standalone novel, but as can happen in writing, a trilogy was created around it. The overall story, partly based on true events while teaching Philosophy, presents a democratic world view and complex relation of actions. Book I was started as early as 1998, with sporadic work in 2000-2002, but mostly written in the Summer of 2003, published that Fall.

Timeless: Book II

Timeless: Book II

Book II: A novel about one’s past and sense of belonging, which torture Olen in his scientific role in the future.

ISBN 0-9746106-3-1
August 2008, 295 pages

By morning, the United Nations scientists have perfected their shield model, which is designed to counteract the distortion effects of the rapidly approaching field. Aside from convincing leaders their satellite-based shield will work, the scientists have to counteract skepticism about the field’s true intensity and the intentions of their key scientist. New information, resulting from the failure of a separate deep space mission, shows a strength and movement of the distortion field exceeding predictions. The scientific mission is then brought into sharp focus, and preparations are made to launch, despite dangers illustrated by a disturbing terrorist attack in Hong Kong, unthinkable for many years.

Doctor Olen Nadimov, physicist and leader of the UN Intelligence Science team, had helped discover the field, and has helped construct the technical shield solution working from a laboratory in Berlin along with physicist Michelle Lambert. A lieutenant colonel with US Naval training, Olen is placed in command of the critical mission to outer space, but because he is a visitor from the distant past, the same past under investigation by the Special Force team, he is also surrounded by doubts. Major Milona Devon is assigned to discover what would happen if Nadimov were to be removed, while Olen also has an unexpected message from home, from the past: His Mother is very ill, and Olen has a choice to make.

To return home to the past is obvious for Olen, and for UN leaders charged with his protection. The mission must continue with or without his help, but the fate of the world seems to rest on his decisions and knowledge. Once home, Olen is tormented by feelings of guilt and sadness, troubled again by seeing the darkness of the global depressions. His family had thrived at the height of American power and economic prosperity, and now hopes to emerge from the depths of a “great reversal”. Because of his family’s needs, Olen must decide whether to return to the future, to the critical mission, or give up his personal aspirations and stay home to help run the family farm. The fates of those close to him in the future and the past hang in the balance.

(the backstory): A novel of rewarding deep emotions and big themes, the story about Doctor Olen Nadimov and the profound conflicts between two worlds developed partly based on true events during the years 2005-2008. Book II presents the reader with view of a post-American Empire, post-Global Warming future history which builds directly on the events of Book I, and leads into the upcoming Book III. The very real events of recent years showing weaknesses in the global economy, climate, and leadership only made that part of the story easier to tell. At the heart of the book is a very recognizable conflict between leaving or staying, between hope and despair, and yet there are many bright spots along the way.

Timeless: Book III

Timeless: Book III

Book III: A novel about how trust, leadership, and political intrigue challenge Nishiko as world-wide Chancellor of the United Nations.

ISBN 0-9746106-7-4
December 2013, 312 pages

During the difficult following day, the United Nations Chancellor has realized things must be handled differently. She faces a vote of no confidence, and even outright attacks from her political enemies, and some form of visitation from alien beings. After she visits the past herself to see how their temporal problems first got started, she stiffens her resolve become a bold leader and face her problems directly. Throughout her complicated and demanding day’s schedule, she learns far more about who she can trust, who must be let go, and who she really is as a leader.

Nishiko Kitamori, elected by the world as UN Chancellor and Commander-in-Chief of all military forces, had all along ordered the original missions pursued by Milona Devon and Olen Nadimov, and now she faces the complicated and unexpected results. A double of Major Devon has been left in the past, and the work of Doctor Nadimov has attracted the interest of many very large extraterrestrial ships, which now monitor the Earth. Her dilemma is very clear: How can she clean up these issues, confront her political enemies who are out to see her removed from office, even assassinated, and bring the people of the world to see that they have nothing to fear from the aliens? Not only must she navigate a confusing array of rogue military forces, but she must rise above the challenge they pose and prove that she is the strong leader her supporters hoped she would become.

As she learns who she can trust, she works to re-align the United Nations toward meeting the greatest challenge Humanity has ever faced. Will the Earth be destroyed from the distortion field they assumed they had neutralized, or will the aliens invade and defeat them by other means? Visiting locations all over the world, and staying one step ahead during the busiest day of her career, Nishiko’s husband, Kyo, her family, and her closest advisers help her respond to the multiple threats they face together.

(the backstory): A novel of tremendous scope, lots of characters, and epic resolutions, the story about Chancellor Nishiko Kitamori and the unprecedented challenges she faces also developed partly from watching real political events unfold during 2008-2013. Book III shows us much more detail about the future we glimpsed in Books I and II. As with the previous books, there is a love story running throughout the book, but also, the surprising completion of the overall love story making up the heart of the trilogy ties the three books together even more.

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