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GetWiki and Your Rights
By default, you grant permission to copy, distribute and/or modify your document(s) under the Creative Commons License Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. If content is imported from another Wiki, and one which has licensed its content under the GNU FDL, we are required to license that work (which is owned by no one) under the GNU Free Documentation License.

By clicking “SAVE PAGE” on this site, you indicate your understanding of these terms. GetWiki (a wiki provided by rimric) therefore has a limited license to use your work under these terms for GetWiki, unless you otherwise note. If you do not agree with these terms, then submit your work under terms of your own and explicitly set them forth or link to them in your work(s).

explaining the terms

All of your original contributions to this wiki are always your property, unless you otherwise note (for example, you may be posting public domain text, importing text or images, or using other content you were given permission to copy, modify and republish under our copyright terms). The default imported contributions assumes GNU FDL terms, and the default original contributions are assumed to be under the CCL. All GetWiki content is considered to be released under the terms above, unless otherwise indicated by the contributors (for example, a clearly-marked quotation, link, or other notice).

You may submit your work under any license of your choice, such as one of the custom Creative Commons Licenses, or some other Open Source license, or a restricted license, such as “All Rights Reserved”, as long as it is clearly marked, so that others will not assume the work is available under the same terms as the GNU FDL. We suggest you use a notice (see below) to display your authorship information, but you are not required to do so. If you are submitting a polished essay, article, even a short book, this distinction is especially relevant to your work. We encourage original works and will strongly protect them.

sample notices

Please copy/modify to suit your article.

© YEAR Author Name

All Rights Reserved
© YEAR Author Name
This article has been protected on GetWiki on behalf of the author, republished here with permission. All rights reserved.

Some Rights Reserved
© YEAR Author Name
This article has been protected on GetWiki on behalf of the author, republished here with permission. Some rights reserved under a Creative Commons License.

internet and print publication

You may use the same title as a GetWiki page but trademark law prevents you from advertising the “GetWiki”, “GetMeta” or “rimric” names without written permission. This does not prevent you from giving us credit for the work by name - indeed, this would be appreciated. This does legally prevent you from leading your readers to believe that your version of our work is in fact an official GetWiki or rimric publication.

  1. For specifics, see Creative Commons License and GNU Free Documentation License
  2. Mention GetWiki as the source (CCL requirement)
  3. Provide a functional link back to the GetWiki page (GNU FDL requirement, CCL suggestion)
  4. State that the content is available under the license applicable
  5. Link to a copy of the relevant license (on a server other than GetWiki’s)
  6. Do not prevent others from copying/using the content

copyright infringements

If you are the owner of content being used on GetWiki without your permission, then please contact us to have it permanently removed. You may need to alert us to the offending page on GetWiki. We will, of course, need some evidence to support your claim of ownership.

Some content adapted from the MetaPseudopedia article “Meta:Copyrights” under the GNU Free Documentation License.
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